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Logo Animation Design

Logo Animation Design

Marketing with video is a major part of most online marketing these days. Almost every brand, in every product category has a YouTube channel with a series of videos. So the question remains, how do you stand out from the pack, look more professional and brand yourself. The answer is with Logo Animation.

There are three problems with getting a logo animated.

1. Logo Animations are expensive

2. Getting a logo animated takes too much time

3. Making changes to my logo animation is a hassle

At Animate Your Logo, we have solved all three of those problems.


Logo Animations Are Expensive

It is true that animation from scratch can be extremely expensive. In fact, it can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars per finished second of the animation! This price point would normally make getting an animated logo impossible for most small to medium-sized businesses. Fortunately, there is a way to get a professional, high-end logo animation without spending $5000!


At Animate Your Logo, we create your Logo Animation from a massive collection of pre-made templates that you can choose from. This allows you to choose the animation that’s right for your business, and even see what it will look like before ever committing to the design. This template-based process will allow you to get your logo animated at a price-point that until now has been impossible. It also helps solve number 2….

Getting a logo animated takes too much time

Because we design your animated logo from a massive collection of thousands of animation templates, we can quickly create your animated logo. In fact, most times we can have the entire animation completed within just a few days. This means that tight deadlines are almost never a problem.

Making Changes to my logo animation is a hassle

Fortunately, the other great thing about Animate Your Logo is that it is very easy to make changes to your logo animation. If you want to change the colors from blue to red, the change can be made very quickly. If you decide a year later that you want to use something completely different, you can do that very easily. In fact, because the templates we use are made from hundreds of artists around the world, we have new templates nearly every day.


So how does this work?

The process is actually very simple, and will only take a few minutes to get going. After you purchase an animated logo, you will to do the following

1. Provide us with your logo. (preferably a PNG or Adobe Illustrator File with the background removed – We can take high-quality JPEGs, but extra processing charges may apply)

2. You send us the contact information you want in the animation (usually the website and/or phone number)

3. Provide us with any tag lines for your business

4. Choose a template from here

Once these 4 items are complete, we get to work and provide you with your animated logo! The first draft should arrive in only a couple of days (sometimes the same day – but don’t hold us to that!)
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