Brand Your Videos With A Professional Animated Logo

In 4 Easy Steps!

You provide the info, we provide a Hollywood style animated logo!

Why You Need A Logo Animation
Brands Your Videos - People know the video is from you!
Adds Professionalism - Your videos look more professional than the average video!
Protects Your Videos - Stops people from downloading and using your videos!
Four.Easy. Steps.

Animted logo step 1

Send Us Your Logo
Send us your logo in as best quality as possible. Adobe Illustrator is best, but high quality PNG or Hi-Res JPG will work.

Animated logo step 2

Choose Your Template
We have literally thousands of templates from artists across the world! We can help you choose as well

Animated logo step 3

Give Us Your Info
Send us your website, company colors, tagline, or any other information that can help us create an animation that works!

Animated logo step 4

Add It To Your Videos!
Take your final video, and simply add it to your videos, website, YouTube channel, DVD, or wherever you need it!
Check Out Some Of The Amazing Animated Logos
We Have Created For Our Clients!
Common Concerns About Animated Logos
There are some common misconceptions when it comes to animation.
At Animate Your Logo... we have solved these concerns!
Aren't Logo Animations Are Expensive?
It is true that animation from scratch can be extremely expensive. In fact, it can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars per finished second of the animation! This price point would normally make getting an animated logo impossible for most small to medium-sized businesses. Fortunately, there is a way to get a professional, high-end logo animation without spending $5000!
A logo animated takes too much time
Because we design your animated logo from a massive collection of thousands of animation templates, we can quickly create your animated logo. In fact, most times we can have the entire animation completed within just a few days. This means that tight deadlines are almost never a problem.
Making Changes is a hassle
Fortunately, the other great thing about Animate Your Logo is that it is very easy to make changes to your logo animation. If you want to change the colors from blue to red, the change can be made very quickly. If you decide a year later that you want to change your tagline, or your logo has changed a bit... we keep your custom template on-hand, so we can make the change quickly and easily.
Get Your Animated Logo for $199 Just $99
We will process the order and have your animation to you in 48 hours!
One-Time Only Payment – We save your template for any future changes
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